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Smoked pork meat with eggs

Smoked pork meat with eggs


pork meat 35 %, smoked pork meat 14%, pork hearts 12 %, pork skin, eggs 2,6 %, wheat cream (contains gluten), edible salt, vegetable fibre, modified starch E1412, stabilizers: E451, E450iii, thickener E407, taste enhancer E621, midified corn starch (corn), flavourizers, stabilizers E331iii, antioxidant E316, glucose, hydrolysed plant protein (soy, corn), preservative substance E250.

Product details

Article code: 70100600 Package dimensions (length): 387 mm
Package weight: 2,2 kg Package dimensions (width): 185 mm
Package content: 20 x 110 g Package dimensions (height): 85 mm
Palletization: 156 boxes on a pallet